“TELL THEM FROM ME” Survey Information for Students and Parents.

Dear Parents/Guardians: All Ontario schools are required to complete a school climate survey at least once every two years.  The purpose of a school climate survey is to better understand perceptions about safety at school.  We know that when students feel safe and welcomed at school that they are more likely to achieve at high levels. This survey asks questions related to school climate and safety, including age, gender, ethnicity, experience with bullying, perception of school, and sense of belonging.  We will use this information to help school staff develop strategies to prevent bullying and to promote safe and inclusive schools. The school climate survey is called the Tell Them From Me Survey (TTFM) and was developed by The Learning Bar; more information about the survey is available on the OCDSB website www.ocdsb.ca.

Student Survey : Students in grades 4-8 will complete the survey on-line at school on May 14th and 15th.  Parents who do not want their child to complete the survey must advise the school in writing by Monday May 12th, 2014. Please print and return to the school the Non-consent Form attached if you do not want your child to participate. The survey is completely anonymous and voluntary.  Students can decide whether they wish to complete the survey and can also choose to skip certain questions.  The survey is confidential; it does not include the student name.  The survey results will be reported at an aggregate level only, not at an individual level.  The survey data will not be linked to any other student data.  The survey takes approximately thirty minutes to complete.

Parent/Guardian Survey: We would also like to hear from you about school climate.  There is an on-line parent survey, also developed by The Learning Bar, and it asks similar questions to those that students will be asked.  The survey is completely anonymous, voluntary, confidential, and will take approximately twenty minutes to complete. Please follow the instructions below to complete the parent school climate survey:

  1.  Visit www.tellthemfromme.com
  2.  Use the following school login code:

Username:     SLPS10964              Password:      parent

  1. Click GO to start the survey.

If you have more than one child at the school, you may complete the survey once per child. The parent survey will be open for completion until Monday, May 19th. Thank you in advance for participating in the survey; we appreciate your time and value your opinions about how we can continue to create positive and accepting school environments for you and your child. I am confident that the surveys will be effective in helping us better meet the needs of our students.  If you have specific questions about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly,

Rebecca Carver Vice Principal

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Walk for Water

Water Learning Gallery and our Walk for Water

The water cycle…3D water art scenes…various posters showing the importance of water… …reflections on what water means to me (“L’eau signifie pour moi…”)… a U-shaped debate about the use of plastic water bottles…the halls of Stephen Leacock were filled with a variety of learning activities on the topic of water to celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd….A celebration of human diversity through the unifying force of water.

Flowing from March 22nd, the week of April 22nd-April 25th, classes have the option of participating in a walk for water to show their love and kindness towards the earth and humankind. Staff and student donations in any amount will be collected during the week, and will go directly towards clean water and sanitation projects through the WaterCan/EauVive organization.

A special thanks goes to some Grade 8 student ambassadors, Jake, Nick, Tyler, Adam and Mme Heffernan for helping to prepare this event.


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What’s happening at SLPS

Today is spirit day – hat and sunglasses….we are dressed and ready for the warmer weather!

Wishing you all a fantastic long weekend, and for those that celebrate Easter – Happy Easter.








Last week, our grade 2 students were learning about healthy foods by creating a healthy food alphabet list.

IMG_2579IMG_2582 IMG_2581











Our grade 1′s are learning how to tell time. They have built their own clocks and are creating math problems to solve.



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Friday at SLPS

Today is retro day at Stephen Leacock. Check out IMG_2572the funky students and teachers!


Too cool for grade 8.

Too cool for grade 8


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Straw Towers….and milk and cookies

Mrs McKenna enjoyed some milk and cookies with our grade 3 students. Mme Joachim creates opportunities for students to earn the privilege of joining us in the office for some treats.


The Grade 7 students are currently working on their Straw Tower Project for their structures unit in Science. After having studied the concepts related to structures and factors which affect their stability and strength, the students have to construct a straw tower, with a minimum height of 76 cm, which can hold 500 grams for 90 seconds. They can only use the materials available in class which are straws, tape, glue and cardboard platforms and have the added challenge of trying to stay within their budget. The students worked together to make a plan of their structure, as they construct, they can make modifications. In their thinking journals, they describe what they modified and what they learned during the construction phase of the project.IMG_2546




sample of their designs and learning reflections

sample of their designs and learning reflections


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Monday at SLPS…this is what is happening.

IMG_2532Our grade 1 students in Mme Poulton’s class are learning how to play chess from the students in Mme Robichaud’s class; or maybe the grade 1′s are teaching the grade 5s? It is all about speaking French!


This is a sample of the math artwork created by our grade 5 students. Come on into the library and take a closer look. Can you see the patterns?



Well our school yard is in transition! The students, like many adults are really anxious for spring and warmer weather!

The chalk is out....

The chalk is out….

If your children are coming home a little wet, they are really enjoying playing in the water!

If your children are coming home a little wet, they are really enjoying playing in the water!


And the coats are off!

And the coats are off!













All of our primary students are enjoying a dance workshop. They are dancing up a storm, with lots of screaming and sweat! Once the music stops, they have to create the letter M or a triangle or they have to create a campfire. Do you recognize any of the shapes? IMG_2517         IMG_2509IMG_2522

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Math Olympics

math olympics teamSaturday, April 5th, four of our Intermediate students participated in the Math Olympics competition at St. Patrick’s High School among teams from various schools in the city. Kevin L., Aditi S., Linda Z and Albert Q. spent the day solving various math challenges, both as a team and in pairs. Aditi and Albert won first place for one of the pair activities. Overall, the team ranked 14th out of 39 teams. Congratulations to the whole team who represented SLPS well!



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