SLPS News January 29th 2015

A reminder that tomorrow Jan 30th is JERSEY DAY!!! Show your team spirit and proudly wear your favourite team’s jersey!!! **Please remember to check our calendar for upcoming events.**

Students in 1C are developing their numeracy skills through play:

1C having fun learning Math through play

1C having fun learning Math through play

Author visit in grade 6: All our grade 6 students had the opportunity to meet and listen to a local author’s presentation today. It was wonderful to hear first-hand about an author’s writing process. Denise Chong is an award-winning, internationally published author who has taken personal and family stories to create groundbreaking social histories.

Denise Chong - author in the classroom

Denise Chong – author in the classroom



Art in the halls at SLPS

We love to paint!

We love to paint!


Congratulations to our Intermediate ‘Tech Skills Team’ for their participation in the Tech Skills District challenge hosted by Longfields-Davidson H.S. on Wednesday January 28th. The program and competition are meant to promote skilled trades and technologies to youth. Our team won 2 bronzes for  Tech and Animation. Bravo!!!!

What a great day!!!!

What a great day!!!!

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SLPS news Jan 23 2015

Some highlights of wonderful learning this week at SLPS:

*Students in 2/3A and 3 C were drumming to their own beat today! What musical talent we have!

* Students in 6B hard at work on their cyberbullying project and their electricity rap.

Zip Zap! Students in 6B hard at work on a electricity rap.

Zip Zap! Students in 6B hard at work on an electricity rap

Raising awareness through a cyberbullying project

Raising awareness through a cyberbullying project


* Do you want to recognize a teacher who does great work in the school? The OTIP Teaching Awards recognize these teachers. For more information please click

The elephant we adopted through our fundraising!

The elephant we adopted through our fundraising!

*We have had some news about Ndotto the elephant we ‘adopted’ through our fundraising last year. For more information please click

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SLPS News January 20 2015

*The District’s Every School Every Voice Process is now in the “Star Step” January 19th – January 26th. All stakeholders will have received an email inviting them to participate in this next stage of consultation. A participant will see his or her own thoughts plus a random sample of the thoughts shared by employees, parents, students and community members.  Each participant will see up to  27 thoughts per question. Participants will see the verbatim text that was submitted and:

1. Thoughts were not edited or altered for spelling or for clarity.

2. Thoughts were not checked for factual accuracy.

3. Each Thought represents the opinion of one stakeholder.

4. The Thoughts do not necessarily represent the views of the school or district.

For more information on the Every School Every Voice process please click here

*Dental Screening: Please see the attached letter from the Ottawa Public Health Department regarding the Dental Screening scheduled for our grade 2 students on February 12, 2015.  If your child is not in Grade 2 and you would like them to see the dental hygienist please contact the school.

* Recent events in the school: Our Intermediate students enjoyed a fantastic ski day on January 15th. We received so many compliments about how polite, respectful and enjoyable our students were.  It was a wonderful day. Thank you to all students, staff and parents who helped to make the activity such a success. We look forward to our next trip on Feb. 5th.

* Students in Mrs. Looby’s 5A class were hard at work this morning. They collaborated on a proportional reasoning Mathematics learning activity.

Hard at work in 5A

Hard at work in 5A

*  Mindful smelling- a Health unit in Mrs. McGrath’s 6A class

Grade 6 Smelly projects!!!

Grade 6 Smelly projects!!!

A few reminders:

  • Kindergarten registration week January 26th to 30th 2015
  • High School information night  for grade 8 students and parents at Earl of March S.S. Jan 22nd 2015, 7pm-9pm
  • 2015 Elementary and Secondary Student Transfer application period Feb. 9th- Feb 20th








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SLPS – News – January 14th 2015

* We want to remind families that there is no school on Friday January 16th. It is a PA day. We will see you back at school on Monday January 19th.

* The Intermediate Ski Trip is this Thursday January 15th. Buses will be loaded and leaving the school promptly after the bell. Please arrive on time. The students are expected to return to the school at 3:30. Delays are possible. Please ensure you have made arrangements for pick-up at the school.

* Many students are arriving late every day. We would like to remind you that classes start promptly after the bell at 8am. Students arriving late are missing key instructional time. Your help in getting your children to school prior to the 8am bell is greatly appreciated.

  • If you would like to notify the school of an absence or late arrival you can call the attendance line at 613 592-2261 and follow the prompts. You may also email If reporting an absence via email,  please enter the following information in the subject line:
    name of student, reason for absence, and teacher’s name or room number
    Due to time constraints, the office staff will not open each e-mail; therefore, it is important that the above information is in the subject line.

* For information regarding the Kanata North Accomodation Review – Interim Measures – Kindergarten September 2015  please click on the link to the District website.

* Cold Weather conditions; Indoor or outdoor recess?

When we experience extremely cold weather conditions,  the school may keep the students inside for recess and/or limit  outdoor activities. The decisions are based on a variety of factors that include the temperature, the wind chill value, the length and nature of the activity outdoors as well as the Public Health Advisories. We currently check the weather numerous times throughout the day. If there is a frostbite alert or warning ( -25 or colder), we will keep the students in and monitor the weather throughout the day for changes in temperature to determine if we stay in or go out. We value the importance of physical activity and the benefits of being outside and continue to encourage families to dress their children for the weather.

* Milk Order Forms due Monday January 19, 2015

Need another form? Click here

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Once again Stephen Leacock is sharing an outdoor skating rink with the City of Ottawa. Classes use the skating rink as part of their physical education program.

Please remember the following:

Wearing a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved snow sport helmet, that fits properly helps prevent head injuries and is mandatory for all students and adults on the ice surface. Wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads help prevent wrist fractures and bruises.

Choose proper fitting skates that give good support around the ankles. Please use skate guards or place the skates in a sturdy cloth bag when transporting skates to school.

Wear proper clothing appropriate for the weather conditions.

Please check the Daily Rink Conditions to determine whether the skating rink is open instead of calling the school office.

Please check the Daily Rink Schedule to find out when your child’s class will be skating.

Not sure what day it is? Click here to find out.

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Welcome Back

On behalf of all the staff at Stephen Leacock, I would like to wish our students and parents a very Happy New Year. It was wonderful to see all the students back at school and ready to learn after the two week break.

We continue to add important dates to our calendar so please check it often to stay informed about upcoming events.

If your child’s bus is delayed and you would like more information please call First Student directly:

First Student : 613-836-7725

Bus #1     –   Route #C87
Bus #2    –    Route #C50
Bus #3    –    Route #C45
Bus#4     –    Route #C78
Bus #5    –    Route #C41
Bus #6    –    Route #C51
Bus #7    –    Route #C48
Bus #9    –    Route #C13
Bus #11   –    Route #C29
Bus #13   –   Route #C114

First Student : 613-820-7146

Bus #8    –    Route #H46
Bus #10  –    Route #H76
Bus #12  –     Route #H62

To check for bus cancellations please visit the OSTA Website or the OCDSB Website

Please remember to dress your children appropriately for this cold weather.

I look forward to getting to know the students, staff and school community throughout the next few weeks. I am honoured to be joining the Stephen Leacock community and thank you for your warm welcome.

Genevieve Gauthier-King
Stephen Leacock P.S.





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January 2015- Change in Administration Team at SLPS

Dear Parents,

I am writing to share that there will be a change in our administration team effective January 2015. I have had the most wonderful time as school principal at SLPS and have enjoyed every minute with staff, students and the parent community. Even though it has been only a short period of time, I am truly appreciative of my time here and your children have left a mark on my heart.

As a former SLPS student in the pilot program of Early French Immersion, it has been a particular joy to be back “home”. What an exciting year 2015 will bring with our 50th anniversary celebrations!

I will be moving into the role of Superintendent of Instruction effective January 2015 and am both sad to be leaving SLPS and excited about the new challenges and opportunities the role will bring.

I am thrilled to share that Genevieve Gauthier-King will be joining the SLPS school community as the new principal. She is a talented, experienced principal joining us from Agincourt PS. She is very excited to join SLPS, lives in the Kanata community and is a french speaking principal.

I know Genevieve will be warmly welcomed by all, and will have the privilege to work with my fabulous Vice-Principal Rebecca Carver who was a key support and friend, our incredible office team and custodial staff, and the amazing teaching staff, students and parent community.

Thank you all for being such incredible partners in education!

Mme Nadia Towaij, Principal

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