Intermediate Girls Football Team Practice with RedBlacks Player!



What an exciting opportunity for our girls’ intermediate football team led by M. LaJoie…they had the opportunity to practice with RedBlacks player, Mr. Kevin Scott!
Thank you to Mr. Scott for sharing your skill, expertise and passion for the sport with the students at Stephen Leacock P.S.

Football Girls


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Walk to School Day Postponed! (Due to Inclement Weather)

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Our “Walk to School” School Council event scheduled for Wednesday, October 8th has been cancelled due to inclement weather.
The rescheduled date is Wednesday, October 15th from 7:30 am- 8:00 am.
Please join us on the 15th!
walk to school

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Supporting Student Achievement

Dear Parents,
What a great first month of learning we had at SLPS and a fabulous Terry Fox Run this past Friday. Thank you to staff members for their leadership and to our parent volunteers who helped to make this such a successful school wide event.

School Learning Plan (SLP):
This year, the district has introduced the “School Learning Plan” (Plan d’apprentissage de l’ecole), which replaces the  former SIPSA process (School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement). As per Ministry requirements, all schools in the province create a SIPSA/SLP alligned to district initiatives and student needs. Our School Learning Plan will focus on the area of greatest student learning need which will then become the focus of our staff learning need. Our PD Day this Friday will involve the examination of multi sources of student data, (quantitative and qualitative), identification of specific curricular expectations and specific instructional strategies that will be our focus for our first cycle of our School Learning Plan. We will be engaging parental voice via School Council and I will be setting up opportunities for student voice via a Principal’s Advisory Committee which will be former to focus on the SLP. Stay tuned for more! Our bulletin board across from the office will track artifacts and student work in support of our SLP.

Student Achievement:
This past month, the primary and junior EQAO results in reading, writing and mathematics were made public across the province. Our grade 3 and 6 students complete the assessment annually between the final week of May and the first week of June. Students are engaged in tasks directly tied to the Ontario Language Curriculum (reading and writing), as well as the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum. In addition, students complete a questionnaire relating to how they see themselves as readings/ writers/ young mathematicians, activities they are involved in etc.
Please find below our achievement results from this past year: (these students are now in grades 4 and 7 respectively).
Grade 3 Reading: 90% of students at or above the provincial standard (an increase of 4%)
Grade 3 Writing: 93% of students at or above the provincial standard. (an increase of 3%)
Grade 3 Mathematics: 91% of students at or above the provincial standard. (and increase of 12%)
Grade 6 Reading: 96% of students at or above the provincial standard (an increase of 3%)
Grade 6 Writing: 83% of students at or above the provincial standard (a decrease of 5%)
Grade 6 Mathematics: 83% of students at or above the provincial standard (an increase of 1%).
These outcomes reflect growth in all but one area as compared to the prior year.
At the upcoming school council meeting, I will be providing further information including gender breakdown, cohort analysis and student perceptual data.

Resources for Parents:
As part of my focus on parental engagement, I wanted to to share the following key district and provincial documents that have been created for parents in support of student learning.
1) Reading and Writing with Your Child
2) Doing Mathematics with Your Child
3) A Numeracy Guide for Parents/Guardians
4) French Immersion Homework Toolkit  (created in partnership between a school board and the Ministry of Education and shared across the province)
) Mathies Online Math Support (excellent Online math games and activities created by lead provincial math researchers. 100% aligned to the Ontario math curriculum)

A bientot!
Mme Nadia Towaij, Directrice


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Key Upcoming Dates!

Dear Parents/ Guardians
Please mark your calendars for these key dates. Please note in particular the key dates this week. We will be updating this information in an “Events Calendar” that will be uploaded to our Blog.
1) Wednesday, October 8:
-Annual Walk to School Day (7:30 am-8:00 am)
-Our first school spirit day (Western Wear Day!)..(cowboy boots/ bandanas/ hats/jeans and plaid!)
2) Thursday, October 9: Photo Day 
3) Friday, October 10: P.A. Day- no classes for students
4) Monday, October 13: Thanksgiving Holiday- no classes for students
5) Thursday, December 11: Grade 7 Band Concert (7-8 pm: SLPS Gymnasium)
6) Thursday, December 18: Grade 8 Band Concert (7-8 pm: SLPS Gymnasium)
7) Wednesday, June 24: Grade 8 Leaving Ceremony (1-2:30 pm at Earl of March)

Mme Nadia Towaij, Directrice/ Principal

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SLPS Open House Details- September 18th, 4:30-6:30 pm

Please join us this Thursday for our Open House/ Meet the Teacher. The purpose of the Open House is for your family to come to the school and have your child/ren tour you through their school, their class(es) and introduce you to their teachers. Our teachers will provide two opportunities for brief introductions of themselves and their programs at 4;45 pm and 5:45 pm. You will find the primary teachers in their classrooms for these introductions. Junior and Intermediate French/English teachers will be collaborating on their introductions in one of their classrooms. Please check the sign on their door to determine location and time. Given the large number of students in the school (over 750), you may not have the opportunity to meet directly with all teachers (especially if the teacher delivers instruction to multiple classrooms!).

If you wish to speak to the teacher about your child’s learning needs, please contact the teacher directly and arrange for a separate meeting. Teachers will not be able to have private meetings at this time.

Our intermediate band coordinated by M. Marc Cote will be offering families the chance to purchase pizza slices ($2.50/slice) and drinks ($1.00) in the gym. He will be ordering hot pizza at two different times to accommodate parents who may be arriving later.  We have done our best to estimate the number of pizzas required so come early!

We look forward to meeting and welcoming you all to the 2014-2015 school year!

A bientot!
Mme Nadia Towaij

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Open House is Coming..and More!

Dear Parents
It has been a wonderful first few weeks with your sons and daughters! I feel incredibly privileged to be principal at Stephen Leacock! Your sons and daughters are so incredibly positive and polite, open and ready to learn and keen to show their leadership! This combined with an engaged and positive school community, and a tremendous staff creating authentic, open and highly engaging tasks make this a wonderful place to learn! A special thank you to all parents who have introduced themselves and who are speaking in French to me- it is such a wonderful model for students!

Meet the Teacher/ Open House
We hope to see you all at this Thursday’s Open House (4:30-6:30 pm) where you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher(s)! As per last year, M. Marc Cote (our instrumental music teacher) and his fabulous parent volunteers will be selling pizza and drinks in the gymnasium so no need to cook dinner that night!

Learning @ Leacock:
1Classroom Blogs: 
-Many of our staff are maintaining classroom blogs/ websites or using email as a means of communicating with parents. We will be updating all the links in the next week to support this communication.
2) Homework Help (in mathematics):
-Funded by the Ministry of Education for students in grades 7-12
3) French Immersion support: (Free district online homework help)
-All OCDSB French as a Second Language students- K-12 now have access to Free online French Homework Help.  Partnered with the OCDSB and uniting dozens of French teachers, the team at Voilà Learning is excited to provide FREE ONLINE FRENCH HOMEWORK HELP to your children/students registered in French as a Second Language programs. Register at, and you will receive an e-mail every Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 letting you know that a teacher is available online to help your child every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 4:00-8:00 p.m.
4) French Immersion City of Ottawa Recreation Guide Opportunities:
Did you know that the City of Ottawa offers recreational programs in French for students? This is a wonderful opportunity to create authentic opportunities to practice the French language whether through swimming lessons, or other clubs and sports. For more information, check out

Operational Updates:
1) School Council Meeting: Just a reminder that our first school council takes place tonight at 7 pm in the library. All parents are welcome and we will be electing our school council members tonight.
2) Safe Schools:
-As part of Safe Schools procedures, we will be practicing fire drills, lockdowns and secure schools this year.
-As we have a number of students with life threatening allergies, we remind parents to review allergy letters sent home so that we can keep our school a safe place for all students.
3) Staffing Update: As per of the annual staffing process, student enrolment in the fall is submitted as compared to the spring projected enrolment. This year, our grade 1 EFI numbers were lower than anticipated and today we received news that we would be losing a staff member. A huge thank you to Mme Melissa Mullins, grade 6 EFI teacher who will be leaving our school community and joining a new school site. All parents of 6C and 6D received letters today. In our primary grades, Mme Poulton’s grade 1 students will be joining our four other grade 1 EFI classes as part of our re-organization as we move from 5 grade 1 EFI classes to four. All parents of our 1B class were called today and letters were sent to all other grade 1 classrooms as we welcome new friends to the class! Mme Poulton will be moving to Grade 6 as the new 6C homeroom teacher, replacing Mme Mullins. Thank you to all as we work to support our students and create a smooth transition for all.

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Bienvenue/ Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!

Bienvenue/ Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!

On behalf of the Stephen Leacock School staff, we extend a warm welcome to both new and returning students and their parents/guardians in our school community. We are very much looking forward to the year ahead and to working with you and our students as we work together in support of student achievement and well-being! We hope you all enjoyed the fantastic summer weather and created some great memories with your family and friends.

Our enrolment is approximately 760 students. Our class placements have taken a large number of planning hours by staff and the outgoing school principal to ensure all students are placed in appropriate learning groupings. Many factors are taken into account and all decisions are thoughtful. Where possible we have accommodated parental requests made in the spring. Our staff list and their assignment will be updated and posted on our blog under ‘about’. We have an incredible team this year and they are looking forward to a fabulous year ahead working with you and your sons/daughters.

We look forward to welcoming you at our Open House taking place from 4:30-6:30 pm on Thursday, September 18th. In addition, you are welcome to join us at our first School Council meeting taking place September 16th at 7 pm in the library.

We value your contribution to your child’s education and encourage you to be involved in your child’s school life. Please contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in volunteering or if you have questions or concerns rather than waiting for parent/teacher interviews. Ongoing communication is key to student success. We encourage parents to monitor homework and use the planner as a communication tool. Please continue to check with our school blog for all school updates, news and announcements. Together we can make this best school year ever for your child!

My thanks are extended to Steve – our chief custodian and his team for working so hard throughout the summer to prepare our school. As well, our office staff, librarian and teachers have recently spent long hours working to gather resources, prepare

Welcoming New Staff:

A grand bienvenue to the following talented educators who have joined the SLPS staff team: Mme Stephanie Robert (1A)/ Mme Christiane Bourque (2B)/ Mme Nicole Fournier (5D)/ Mme Melissa Mullins (6D)/ Mme Julie Treitz-Todd (7C)/ Mme Nicole Blais/ Mme Pamela Kendall (4B avec Mme Duncan)/ Mme Laura Smith.

In addition, we welcome our new EDP staff members: ECEs: Patti Sevigny, Emily Stalkie and Lisa O’Rourke and ELAs MaryLou, Fang and Mabinthe.

Finally, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mme Nadia Towaij and I am joining the SLPS as the new principal. I have been seconded for the past 4 years to the school board serving in the role as system principal of Curriculum Services with portfolio responsibilities including literacy, numeracy, all curricular areas, assessment and evaluation, FSL, environmental education, teacher professional learning, instructional coaching among others. I am a graduate of the Early French Immersion program when it was a pilot program and I attended Stephen Leacock P.S!

I am thrilled to serve as the principal of such an incredible school and look forward to working with you all in support of student achievement and well-being!

Principal/Directrice Mme Nadia Towaij

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